April 15, 2005

Image is everything, unfortunately

Robert Kilroy-Silk, whom where I polically correct I would call chromatically challenged, has set out the manefesto of his Party Image which includes an entire section on Civil Liberties according to Samizdat:
stand for and defend freedom of speech and thought, freedom of conscience and belief

restore and protect our constitutional freedoms, like trial by jury and habeas corpus, which are being threatened

refuse to introduce Identity Cards, which won't reduce crime, fraud, terrorism or illegal immigration, but will cost a fortune and give the state too many powers

repeal the draconian Civil Contingencies Act and the government's Control Orders, both of which give the government unprecedented powers

refuse to introduce a new crime of 'incitement to religious hatred'

end the nonsense of prosecuting traders for selling in pounds and ounces

free ourselves from the power of the notorious 'E.U. Arrest Warrant' - British citizens must never be extradited without a Court hearing
A politician that talks sense, what a strange accorance, he even wants a Flat Tax! I won't be able to vote for him but if I could I would. Not that the mainstream media will actually broadcast something as shocking and radical as actually defending ancient liberties. No they where more interested in trying to get him to say the word 'Muslim' so they could use the story that they had already decided would be the news about Veritas, namely that it is another name for the BNP which it quite clearly isn't. I guess they must be prejudiced because of his skin colour.


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